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Summer Harbor Cruise - Saturday, 21 June 2014, 3:30-6:30PM

There is no better way to spend a summer night in Boston than on board a private boat cruising around Boston Harbor. Enjoy the views of Boston’s unique skyline while we sail through the islands. Our Captains will have you perfectly positioned as Old Iron Sides blows her cannons to let us know the day is officially over. Similar to turn of the century vessels, the M/V Samuel Clemens is a replica steamship perfect for almost any event. With three decks, this 72-foot vessel will please your guests with its patriotic style. M/V Samuel Clemens is new to the Boston area and has become an instant attraction making
availability limited.

  • Our goal is $25,000.00
  • 2010 winner is Joseph Abrantes
  • 2011 winner is Ms. Marie Silva
  • 2012 winner is Michael Kemp
  • 2013 winner is Ms. Valerie Arruda
  • 2014 winner is To be awarded in May

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